Do You Know Where Your Future is Coming From?

pastPresentFutureIn today’s marketplace you have to build relationships. You cannot just put up a website and expect people to read and comment. You cannot just put a product out there and expect people to buy. You have to cultivate relationships. You have to engage with people so that they will want to work with you or buy from you.

About a month ago, I received a traditional marketing email from someone who had bought the same product I did and got my info from the support forum for that product. She was offering her design skills, but it was clear that she had collected my info from the forum, took a quick look a this website, saw there were design elements missing, and wrote the email. Probably sending the same email to several people.

I was indeed thinking about hiring a designer to do some things for me, so I looked at her website and liked her style. I was willing to give her one chance to over come the obvious non-personal email she had sent.

I replied and asked if she had read my site and not understood what I was trying to do. I would have hoped that had she read my site, she would have understood I was just beginning the site and knew I was missing elements. I really and truly wanted feedback if she had read it and not understood what I was doing.

She did not respond. Too bad, because one of the things she pointed out and offered was that I didn’t have a free give-away for signing up for my newsletter, and that was precisely what I wanted help with. She not only lost out on designing a line ebooks, but also the redesign of my website.

To be fair, I didn’t tell her I had work for her, but still, she did not make the effort to engage with me and I did not pursue working with her. Maybe the email worked with other people and she was too busy to answer me. But what will happen when that initial burst of work is finished? Will she have to start all over again with a new email to get more work? If she had answered me, my work could have waited and she could have had several assignments in the future.

In marketing, immediate results are great, but you should also realize that engaging now can lead to great things in the future. You never know where your future is coming from.