I’ll Have a Tab…or maybe not

TabsHave you been thinking about adding tabs to your website as a way of organizing your content? I know I was trying to figure out how I could use tabs on my websites because they are a great way of presenting a lot of information in an orderly way.

Well, I won’t be adding them now, not after reading this article from Web Savvy Marketing that says Google will ignore the content on tabs for SEO purposes.

Evidently, Google wants to see LONG, LONG pages with lots of information. So scrolling is back “in.” Short pages of content and landing pages that concentrate on just one call to action are also “in.”

So what are are we supposed to do? Go short or go long?

For desktop web surfing, short pages that don’t require the reader to scroll down have been very popular, keeping content “above the fold.”

But the explosive growth in smartphone and tablet usage has brought back scrolling, because almost everything on a webpage is below the fold on smaller devices.

Maybe Google is right.

If your content is important, it ought to be out front, easily accessible by scrolling and not hidden behind tabs.

At least until some brilliant person comes up with another method of presenting content.