Making the Connection

connectionsYour clients or customers have to like you and trust you before they will be willing to give you their money. That is where social media comes in. You can gain their trust by demonstrating who you are and what you know through an active social media presence. This gives customers a chance to interact with you and establish a closer relationship than merchant and customer.

The secret behind a successful social media program is knowing that it is all about your ideal client. What you post and when you post isn’t about you it is about what your ideal clients wants to to know, when they are most likely to see it.

What kind of content posts?

In determining your posting or tweeting schedule aim for 40% informational posts – post by others that you are sharing with your tribe. 

30% should be original content posts – original posts created by you about a topic your ideal client is interested in. Your blog posts can go into this category as long as they are not about you or salesy.

Personal posts should only be 15% of the total. In order for your tribe to feel connected to you and like you, you have to put out a little about yourself. One person I know writes about her dog. Her readers know her dog, but they don’t know the city where the writer and dog live, who else is part of the family, or any other personal details. But her readers feel they know her because they know her dog.

And then there are the cat videos and grammar police posts. These fall into the entertainment category and comprise 15%. Anything you find interesting or funny or beautiful. Again, you are sharing a little about yourself, your humor and aesthetics but nothing really personal.

And then finally, there are the sales posts and tweets. These are only 5% of your social media communications.

Don’t give up on original content

Not too long ago, original content posts used to be a higher percentage, but Facebook has decided to weigh shared content more heavily than original content. Unless you are linking to your blog (and it has a great picture) your original posts will not get the traction of your shared posts, which makes it harder for the real you to come through. But they are necessary to give you a platform to show who you are and what you know.

Engagement from Scratch! is a free download (when you join his newsletter list) from Danny Iny that can give many ideas for how to engage with your customers/clients. I liked it so much I even bought the book on Amazon.